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Arthplus, 60 capsules
Arthplus is a multicomponent medicine for the treatment of inflammations of joints and muscles, which includes a large c..
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Bilva tail, 25 ml
Bilva tail - drop used to treat inflammatory processes in the ears and when hearing impairment. Indications: otitis, tym..
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Brahmi bati, 80 tablets - 24 grams
Brahmi bati is a tonic for the nervous system. This medicine calms the nervous system, improves cognitive function and..
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Chitrakadi bati, 80 tablets - 24 grams
Chitrakathi Bati is one of the best classical formulas for problems of indigestion, amoebic dysentery, a large numbe..
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Chopchinyadi churna, 60 grams
Chopchinyadi churna is usually used for the treatment of skin diseases, vysypanie, boils, pimples, when contaminated blo..
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Dhatupoushtik churna, 50 grams
Dhatupoushtik churna is a wonderful tonic, nourishing the entire body, has a rejuvenating quality that gives strength an..
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Gandhak Rasayana, 40 tablets - 12 grams
Gandhak rasayana is a great anti-toxic purifying medicine. It balances Rajaka- Pitta subdosha.Gandhak rasayana has ..
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Gokshuradi Guggulu, 80 tablets - 30 grams
Gokshuradi Guggul - complex medicine for the treatment of various inflammatory diseases of the urinary system, infla..
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Good Heart, 60 capsules
Good Heart, 60 capsules
Good Heart is a comprehensive tonic for the heart. This medicine normalizes heart rhythm, cardiac contraction, eliminati..
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Ichhabhedi Ras, 10 grams - 80 tablets
Ichhabhedi Ras is a highly effective laxative. When taking this drug, an intensive cleaning of the entire intestine occu..
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Immun Guard, 60 capsules
Immun Guard - complex preparation that improves the immune system and enhances the immunity. This medicine improves phag..
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Junior Prash, 500 grams
Junior Prash, 500 grams
Junior Prash is a classic Chyawanprash formula adapted to the needs of a growing body. This preparation contains the nec..
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