Ayurvedic medicines to lower cholesterol levels in

This section presents ayurvedic medicines and natural supplements for lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Abana, 60 tablets
Abana is a complex medicine that uses as a common cardiac tonic and cardioprotector. Abana regulates serum lipid levels, lowering cholesterol levels, triglyceride and restores level of high-density lipoprotein, which has cardioprotective effect. It also reduces the accumulation of cholesterol plaque..
Garcinia with Bromelain, 80 tablets
Garcinia with Bromelain has a comprehensive slimming effect. This drug accelerates metabolism, promotes binding and elimination of fats, as well as toxins and toxins from the body. Garcinia cambogia extract contains hydroxycitric acid - a unique substance that makes you feel full earlier, thereby re..
Lipomap, 40 tablets
Lipomap regulates blood cholesterol levels, lowers triglycerides, increases high density lipids), and also lowers low and very low density lipids. Indications: high cholesterol. Content: Commiphora mukul, Curcuma longa each 100 mg, Nyctantes arbortristis, Rubia cordifolia, Phyllantus niruri, Tinospo..
Pumpkin seed extract, 80 tablets
Pumpkin seed extract is mainly used for prostatitis and erectile dysfunction associated with prostate enlargement. This medicine normalizes the function of the prostate gland, improves urination, improves spermatogenesis, restoring and improving the erectile function of the body. In addition, Pumpki..
Sukhdata churna, 240 grams
Sukhdata churna is widely used in various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly in chronic constipation and intestinal dysbiosis. Sukhdata effectively acts on the gastrointestinal tract, including children, and has a strong anti-parasitic activity. It relieves tension in the m..
Vrikshamla, 60 tablets
Vrikshamla is a good medicine for high Kapha dosha disorders. It helps in overweighting by splitting subcutaneous fats and reducing appetite. Vrikshamla lowers blood cholesterol level, limits synthesis of fatty acids in muscles and liver, purifies liver tissue.Vrikshamla has also a good detoxic..
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