About us

Our shop works since 2012 and during this time we earned the trust of many customers.

Our advantages are:

- we have own big warehouse, we have a permanent vendors in India that are official dealers and with some manufacturers we work directly. It allows us to be confident that medicines we offer are genuine.

- we are very carefully treat the quality of medicines provided with us, and in case of many complaints we stop to sell this trademark.

- we have our trademark Amrit Veda, medicines for which produce the companies, proven itself stable high quality and efficiency of products. So we can offer you really high-quality products for a good price.

Now we are part of biggest ukrainian retailer of Ayurveda. There are few more online stores:

Artishok - online store of ayurvedic medicines that work only on local market. It has same prices with us.

Tulsi - online store of ayurvedic medicines. It also sells medicines of trademarks, that not possible buy in India but popular in Ukraine. We do not offer it to you because cannot responsible for the quality.

Best Murti - online store of unique hand-crafted God's statues (Murti).

Rafael - online store of real nepalese pashmina, authentic Murano glass and Fragonard parfumes. This is store of all what we love and want to share with other!