Ayurveda and Food supplement

This is a general category in which are all the Ayurvedic medicines presented in our store, divided by the diseases for which they are intended.

Here it is worth to tell about the features of Ayurvedic medicines and their differences from allopathic medicine.

Each Ayurvedic medicine has a fairly wide range of applications. The same medicines can be used, for example, for the treatment of arthritis, respiratory and digestive system diseases.

And there is nothing unusual in it. This may be due to its composition (many preparations contain dozens of plants, each of which has its own properties), and may be due to the fact that different diseases can have the same nature. This is explained by the main idea, the basis of Ayurveda - the theory of three Doshas.

In Ayurveda, it is important to choose the right medicines, because sometimes you can replace 5-6 medicines with one or two. Perhaps in some cases with this approach the treatment may take a little more time, but it will be more reasonable, and that is also important, more economical. That's why we always talk about the importance of an Ayurvedic doctor who can correctly determine the cause of the disease and choose the right medicines.

We have created a system of medicines selection. Of course, it is not perfect and will be refined and improved, but still it can help in choosing medicines when there is no possibility to consult a doctor.

We wish you a good health!

Aamvatari Ras, 40 tablets
Abana, 60 tablets
Abha Guggul, 60 tablets
Acerola, 90 tablets
Acidact, 100 tablets
$12.2 $8.5
Acidact, 2x10 tablets
$2.4 $1.7
Adapto-Ton, 90 tablets
Agastya Rasayana, 200 grams
Agnitundi bati, 80 tablets
Alfalfa, 90 tablets
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