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Brahmi bati is the greatest ayurvedic medicine for nervous system nourishing and strengthening. It brings intellectual power, preserves good memory, fights premature aging. Brahmi bati helps to develop intellectual skills due to balancing left and right brain hemispheres. In Ayurveda it is a specific medicine in hearing decrease. Brahmi bati is an excellent nervine tonic. It is helpful in various mental disorders, anxiety, depression, epilepsy. This medicine is recommended to everyone who has intellectual over work.

Students also need Brahmi bati during intensive study period. It is an excellent medicine in children’ anxiety and other mental problems of childhood. 

Brahmi bati helps to maintain normal BP level. 

It is a good  sedative.

Brahmi bati benefits:

  • an excellent nervine tonic;
  • it is useful in various nervous diseases, insomnia, mental disorders, hearing loss;
  • it is very helpful during intensive studies in students, during intellectual over work in adults;
  • it cures some mental disorders in children;
  • rejuvenetive effect;
  • it normalizes BP level;
  • it is a good sedative.

Indications: nervous diseases, headache, mental disorders, mental over work, insomnia, hypertension, memory loss, epilepsy, seizures, hearing loss, premature aging.

Content: Brahmi, Swarn Makshik, Ras Sindoor, Shankhpushpi, Gajava, Jatamansi, etc.

Dosage/Application: 1-2 tablets rwice a day.

Contra indications: none. Though it is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation period, unless prescribed by physician.

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