Kanchnar Guggulu Baidyanath, 80 tablets - 30 grams

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Kanchnar Guggulu is used primarily for the treatment of disorders in the thyroid (both hypo - and hyperthyroidism), resorption neoplasms (tumours, cysts), lipomas, and lymphadenitis. Also, this medicine improves female reproductive system, corrects the hormonal background, as shown in disorders of the menstrual cycle, and polycystic ovaries (in conjunction with Chandraprabha vati), endometriosis, fibroids.

In addition, Kanchar Guggulu is used to treat polycystic kidney disease (in combination with Chandraprabha vati), polycystic liver disease, skin diseases and for correction of weight while hypothyroid.

Also, this medicine is used in combination with other medicines for the treatment of malignant tumors.

Indications: hypo - and hyperthyroidism, lymphadenitis, benign tumors, lipoma, cysts, endometriosis, menstrual disorders, malignant tumors, skin diseases.

Content: Choti Elaichi, Dalchini, Tejpatra each 0.70%, Varuna 2.40%, Trikatu 7.30%, Triphala 14.70%, Kanchnar chhal 24.50%, Guggul has 49.00%.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice a day or as prescribed by ayurvedic doctor. 

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation.

Original name: Kanchnar Guggulu, 80 tablets Baidyanath.

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