Yogaraj Guggul Baidyanath, 120 tablets - 45 grams

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Yograj Guggul is a famous ayurvedic formula for high Vata. It is especially efficient in Vata disorders in joints, muscles, bones. Yougraj Guggul is a perfect medicine in recovery period after sport injuries. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Guggul resin is one of the main ingredients of Yogaraj Guggul, which boosts the effect of all other components and provides deeper healing impact. Guggul oil is a powerful purifying substance. It improves microcirculation, stimulates regeneration of cartilages, expels salts and lowers cholesterol level.

Yograj Guggul benefits:

  • it ia a famous ayurvedic formula for high Vata;

  • it is highly efficient in healing Vata disorders in bones, joints and muscles;

  • the best medicine for sport injuries;

  • it contains Guggul oil, which possesses good purifying and regenerative properties, lowers cholesterol level.

Indications: high Vata-disorders, diseases of joints and ligaments with edema and inflammation, muscle pains, heaviness and pain in legs, bone degeneration, arthritis, polyarthritis, gout, rheumatic fever, radiculitis, bone fractures, sport injuries, postoperative recovery, parkinsonism, general intoxication, as a general tonic.

Content: Chitraka, Pippalimool, Yavani, Karavi, Ajamoda, Jeeraka, Suradaru, Chavya, Ela, Saindhava Lavana, Kushta, Rasna, Gokshura, Dhanyaka, Triphala – Haritaki, Musta, Trikatu, Twak, Usheera, Taleesapatra, Patra, Guggul, Sarpi.

Dosage:  adults: 1-2 tablets 3 times a day 10-15 minutes before meal. Children: three times less than adult dosage.

Contra indications: individual intolerance, pregnancy and lactation period, children under 3 years, hyperacidity or stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, acute nephritis.

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