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Tulasi is one of the most popular and effective plants for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Tulasi possesses diaphoretic, stimulating and expectorant properties. Used for colds and bronchitis. It is also used as an external remedy for skin diseases, including viral. This plant helps to increase both physical and mental endurance, resistance to various environmental influences. Additionally, Tulsi has anti-asthmatic and anti-rheumatic effect. Additionally, the medicine has a pronounced anti-stress effect.

Indications: Helps in the proper functioning of the respiratory system. Has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, used as an expectorant, it is used in inflammatory processes of the respiratory system.

Content: 300 mg Tulasi, tulasi extract 200 mg

Dosage/Application and method of administration: 1-2 tablets 2 times daily before meals with water. Please refrain from other medications within an hour after ingestion.

Original name: Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi.

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