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Tulasi (Tulsi) is one of the most popular and effective plants for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Tulasi is mostly used for the treatment of colds and as a tonic for the respiratory system. It has antivirus and anti-inflammatory effect, possesses diaphoretic and expectorant properties. As Tulasi is used as an external remedy for skin diseases, including viral. This plant helps to increase both physical and mental endurance, the resistance to various environmental influences. To also, the medicine has a pronounced anti-stress effect.

Indications: acute respiratory infections, bronic (including chronic), weakness of the respiratory system, auxiliary medicine for the treatment of asthma.

Content: Holy Basil extract (Ocimum sanctum) 250 mg

Dosage: 1-2 tablets 2 times daily before meals with water. Please refrain from other medications within an hour after ingestion.

Original name: Tulasi, 60 tablets Himalaya.

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