Toothpaste Dant Kanti Red Patanjali, 100 grams

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Dant Kanti Red - universal Ayurvedic toothpaste for comprehensive care of the oral cavity. This toothpaste is made up of minerals and extracts of specially selected plants which is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and strengthen gums and tooth enamel.

The use of Dant Kanti Ed helps to strengthen gums and teeth, protects against the emergence and further development of caries, reduce sensitivity teeth, freshens breath, and eliminates bad breath, and makes the teeth shiny and white.

Ingredients: Lavanga tail 0.5% Tomar,Maricha, Twak, Yashtimadhu, Shunti, Akarkara, Dadima, Khadira, Vidanga, Neem, Meswak, each Kutaja 0.3%, Tulasi, Jatiphal tail, Ajwain each 0.1%, base: Aqua, Calcium carbonate, Gairika, Sphatic, Tankana bhasma, Sorbitol, Hydrated silica, Xantum gum, Glycerine, Sodium CMC, Cetylpyridinum chloride, Potassium citrate, Flavour q.s.

Original name: Toothpaste Dant Kanti Red Patanjali-Divya pharmacy.

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