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Amvatari Ras, 40 tablets
Amvatari Ras used to treat arthritis and gout. This medicine reduces inflammation, relieves joint pain, improves flexibi..
Arogya vati, 80 tablets
Arogya vati is an immunomodulator and is used to prevent respiratory diseases, as well as to maintain the body's immune ..
Ayush-64, 60 tablets
Ayush-64 is an Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of Covid-19 and other viral respiratory diseases. It is the only Ayu..
Balm Patanjali, 25 grams
Balm Patanjali - a universal first aid for colds. It eases cough, relieves nasal congestion, reduces fever. Also oils in..
Chandraprabha vati, 80 tablets
Chandraprabha vati has a wide range of useful properties, but first of all it is a medicine for the treatment of inf..
Coronil kit
Coronil kit was created to help the body treat coronavirus and other respiratory diseases. Coronil Kit contains three me..
Coronil, 80 tablets
Coronil is an effective immunomodulator and general tonic for the body. It contains plants that are effective adaptogens..
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Facial Foam Activated Carbon + Vitamin E and A, 60 grams
Facial Foam Activated Carbon + Vitamin E and A, 60 grams
Facial Foam Activated Carbon + Vitamin E and A deeply cleanses the skin with activated charcoal. Activated carbon absorb..
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Gokshuradi Guggul, 80 tablets
Gokshuradi Guggul - complex medicine for the treatment of various inflammatory diseases of the urinary system, infla..
Herbal tea Divya Peya, 100 grams
Divya peya herbal tea that is an effective treatment for colds. Divya peya is a good immunomodulator, has beneficial eff..
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Honey, 50 grams
Honey natural. Original name: Honey, 50 grams Patanjali. In our store You can buy authentic Honey, 50 grams Patanjali at..
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Hridyamrit vati, 120 tablets
Hridyamrit vati is an effective cardiac tonic General validity. This medicine helps with pain in the heart, ischemia, ar..
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