Stress Guard oil GoodCare, 100 ml

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Stress Guard oil is a wonderful remedy for relieving stress and fatigue after a hard working day. This oil allows you to get rid of the long-term negative effects of stress on the body: insomnia, heart rhythm disturbance, weakened immunity and frequent colds, headaches, increased nervous excitability, lack of concentration etc.

Additionally, Stress Gard oil has anti-inflammatory properties, improves blood circulation and cleanses the skin of toxins.

Action of the main components:

- Basil: relaxes the nervous system, helps with headache, has antibacterial properties;

 - Orange: improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system, has anti-inflammatory properties;

 - Lavender: relaxes the nervous system, helps with headaches and migraines, skin diseases - acne, boils, has healing properties;

- Sandalwood: nourishes the skin, has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

And the Stress Gard oil has a pleasant smell!

Indications: stress, insomnia, headaches, sleep disturbances, increased nervous excitability, lack of attention.

Content: Groundnut oil, Olive oil, Sandalwood oil, Orange oil, Tulsi oil, Lavender oil, Light liquid paraffin.

Dosage/Application: massage the neck, shoulders, legs and feet. Also suitable for head massage.

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