Shatavari gulam Kottakkal, 200 grams

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Shatavari gulam or Satavarigulam is a complex preparation of the kerala school of Ayurveda, which perfectly balances the hormonal system and the production of sex hormones. It increases attractiveness and improves mood. Hepatoprotector.
Shatavari gulam has an excellent emollient effect on the gastric mucosa and can be used in the treatment of gastritis and as an auxiliary medicine in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

It also improves the quality of hair and nails.

Shatavari gulam is a good rasayana for Pita dosha, calms Vata dosha.
Indications: diseases of the female genitourinary system, leukorrhea, menstrual disorders, menorrhagia, irregular cycle, burning sensation or pain during urination.

Content: asparagus racemoses, zingiber officinale, elettaria cardamomum, curculigo orchioedes, cyclea peltata, tribulus terrestris, hemidesmus indicus, phyllanthus niruri, ipomoea paniculat, piper longum, glycyrrhiza glabra, asphaltum, curcuma angostifolia, ghee etc.
Dosage/Application: 1 tea spoon in the morning and evening half an hour after food with warm milk or water.

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