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Satavari gulam or Shatavari Rasayana is a comprehensive medicine Kerala school of Ayurveda, which perfectly balances the hormonal system and the production of sex hormones. Increases the attractiveness and improves mood. Hepatoprotector.


Shatavari translates as "he who has a hundred husbands" (its tonic and rejuvenating effects on the female genital organs, according to popular belief, gives the chance to have one hundred husbands). Asparagus racemosus is the main rejuvenating plant for women, such as Ashwagandha for men (although both medicines have some impact on both sexes). Shatavari is a wonderful rasayanas for Pitta-dosha, for female reproductive system. Increases the production of breast milk, normalizes monthly cycle, increases the ability of oocytes to fertilize, prevents the development of fibroids and mastitis. Shatavari has wonderful soothing effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach, lungs, kidneys and the genital organs, is effective in gastric ulcer.


Indications: diseases of the female genitourinary system, leucorea, menstrual disorder, menorrhagia, irregular periods, a burning sensation or pain when urinating, imbalance Vata and Pitta doshas.

Content: asparagus racemoses, zingiber officinale, elettaria cardamomum, curculigo orchioedes, cyclea peltata, tribulus terrestris, hemidesmus indicus, phyllanthus niruri, ipomoea paniculat, piper longum, glycyrrhiza glabra, asphaltum, curcuma angostifolia, ghee etc.


Dosage/Application: for 1чайной spoon morning and evening half an hour after meals with warm milk or water.

Original name: Satavari gulam, 500 grams Kottakkal.

Synonyms: Shatavari Rasayana.

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