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Amino Acid Biocomplex, 50 capsules
Amino Acid Biocomplex contains a balanced composition of amino acids, which are necessary for the synthesis of proteins ..
Anticholesterin - Alfalfa, 50 capsules
Anticholesterin - Alfalfa has a very broad spectrum of useful properties. This drug is an immunomodulator, lowers chol..
Bioferment Complex, 50 capsules
Bioferment Complex contains enzymes and amino acids that improve the breakdown and absorption of food, help to restore n..
Boswellia, 80 tablets
Boswellia is an effective medicine for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the joints. It is not only relieves inf..
Calcium D3, 100 tablets
Calcium D3 is a balanced, highly absorbable calcium formula designed to support and restore bone structure. This drug ha..
Capillar, 80 tablets
Food supplement Capillar protects cell membranes and reduces capillary permeability, restores blood microcirculation thr..
Chitosan with vitamins, 80 tablets
Chitosan is used in weight loss programs, to lower blood cholesterol levels and in the complex treatment of Crohn's dise..
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Chromium active, 80 tablets
Chromium active, 80 tablets
Sale - best before 10/2022. Chromium Active is indicated for type II diabetes and in weight loss programs. In addition, ..
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Coenzyme Q-10, 80 tablets
Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals and harmful substances. Fights aging at th..
Endocrine active, 50 capsules
Endocrine active is used for reduced thyroid function. This preparation contains specially selected components that impr..
Energy complex Guarana, 50 capsules
Energy complex Guarana is a tonic medicine that stimulates and strengthens the central nervous system and cardiac activi..
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Garcinia with Bromelain, 80 tablets
Garcinia with Bromelain, 80 tablets
Sale - best before 09/2022. Garcinia with Bromelain has a comprehensive slimming effect. This drug accelerates metabolis..
$2.3 $1.7
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