Amino Acid Biocomplex Elite-Pharm, 50 capsules

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Amino Acid Biocomplex contains a balanced composition of amino acids, which are necessary for the synthesis of proteins in the body. Amino acids are the main building blocks for the synthesis of proteins, enzymes, peptide hormones and other physiologically active elements.

L-Arginine - improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system;

L-Tyrosine is a stress-protective, psychostimulating agent;

L-Glutamine is used by brain cells as a source of energy, necessary to support good mood, concentration of memory and attention;

L-Carnosine is a powerful unique antioxidant that neutralizes the effect of free radicals;

L-Carnitine, essential for normal muscle function, increases physical activity and performance;

Taurine is needed for the normal development of the nervous system, retina, muscles, increases the strength of the heart muscle, promotes growth;

Indications: poor digestion, tonic for the cardiovascular and nervous systems, general tonic for the body, poor digestion, impaired fat metabolism, high cholesterol.

Content: Taurine, L-carnosine, L-carnitine, L-arginine, L-tyrosine, L-glutamine each 65 mg, excipients: calcium stearate, MCC, lactose, starch, sorbitol, gelatin.

Dosage: 1 capsule 3 times a day 30-40 minutes before meals. The term of use is agreed with the doctor.

Contraindications: not desirable for children under 16 years of age and people with diabetes mellitus.

Original name: Amino Acid Biocomplex No. 50 Elite-Farm.

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Benefits / Indications

General tonic
Heart tonic
High cholesterol
Violation of fat metabolism
Weak digestion, dyspepsia
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