Yuvatyadi tailam Kottakkal, 200 ml

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Yuvatyadi tailam - highly effective oil for sweet talk and massage female chest. Cajoling the chest of this oil makes it flexible even in old age.

Yuvatyadi tailam attaches to the breast elasticity and helps to eliminate flaccidity of tissues. It is useful to apply to women during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding.


Content: Til tailam, Mahishaghritam, Goghritam, Yuvati, Vacha, Katuka, Kritanjali, Rajani, Paya.


Dosage/Application: 1-2 tsp of warm oil applied to the skin of the breast and smooth circular movements RUB 2-5 minutes. Cajoling Breasts well to do twice day, morning and before bed, daily for three weeks or something for a long time. For nursing mothers procedure is useful to repeat after each feeding. Pregnant women are also good to butter up chest in order to avoid severe stretch marks.


The oil has a natural sediment. Before applying the oil to warm up and shake well.

Original name: Yuvatyadi tailam Kottakkal sale.

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