Vijay Saar Herbal Tumbler Ayur

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Diabetic tumbler is made of wood Vijaysar, which is known for its anti-diabetic properties.

Regular use of infusion tree Vijaysar allows to obtain stable reduction of the incidence of sugar diabetes of the second type. Also, the infusion Vijaysar relieves inflammation characteristic of diabetes, especially of the urinary tract, kidneys and joints, helps stop bleeding, used externally for treatment of skin diseases. Additionally, the infusion tree Vijaysar effective for weight loss, it helps to regulate the level of fats in the body, stimulates hair growth and has anti-parasitic properties.

Vijaysar is an effective rasayanas - has a General rejuvenating effect.

Indications: diabetes, obesity, skin diseases, bleeding, arthritis.


in the evening pour a full glass of water. In the morning drink on an empty stomach. To improve the effect of the procedure can be repeated just before going to bed.

Every 3-5 days you need to scratch the internal walls of the Cup to maintain saturation of the infusion. Water in the morning should be brown.

If the glass will start to flow (a natural phenomenon), it can be put inside a glass Cup and continue to use.

Original name: Vijay Saar Herbal Ayur Tumbler.

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