Vidyarthi Amrit Maharishi Ayurveda, 200 ml

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Vidyarthi Amrit is an excellent tonic for children, students and adults. It is a brain tonic, which improves memory and intellectual skills. Vidyarthi amrit contains three crucial medha “rasayanas” (“rejuvenators”), for improvement of intellectual performance. It increases ability to learn, to remember, to work with data. Perception is increased as well. 

Vidyarthi Amrit is a unique adaptive medicine. It should be prescribed to all intellectual workers. 

Also Vidyarthi Amrit boosts immunity and physical development, improves general health.

Vidyarthi Amrit benefits:

  • "medha rasayana"- intellectual rejuvenator;
  • it can be indicated to all intellectual workers;
  • anticonvulsant, it is helpful in epilepsy and seizures;
  • it is very useful in children mental disorders, including ADHD, behavioral deviations, agression.
  • it boosts immunity and physical development.

Indications: to increase memory, intellectual performance; period of physical development; memory loss, learning problems in children and students, ADHD, behavioral deviations, fury, aggression, as anticonvulsant.

Content: Shankhapushpi Mandhukaparni Tagara Kushta Vidanga Guduchi Shatavari Palasha Ela Ashwagandha Shatapushpa Vacha, sugar.

Dosage/Application: 1-2 teaspoons twice a day.

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