Under eye gel Khadi Khadi, 50 grams

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Gel around the eyes Khadi nourishes and tones the delicate skin, eliminates puffiness and smoothes fine facial wrinkles.

Nutmeg, a part of this gel tightens and tones the skin.

Content: almond Oil, Oil of nutmeg, Oil of sunflower, Oil of Sandalwood, wheat germ Oil, olive Oil, Aloe Vera, soy Protein.

Dosage/Application: Apply the gel on cleansed skin around the eyes to absorb. Suitable for daily use.

Note: today, in India and abroad has been known for at least four manufacturers of cosmetics and skin body care, Khadi. We bring only the cosmetics that are produced, in our opinion and the opinion of our supplier in India, the plant which began to produce the first and kept the formulas and quality products.

Original name: Khadi Under eye gel.

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