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Trikatu churna is the most amazing of rasayanas. The singularity of it is that it is the only Rasayana, the application of which Kapha dosha is not increased, but rather decreased. Trikatu is one of the best medicines for the normalization of the digestive system. Trikatu cleanses the body of excess Kapha and normalizes the exchange of water in the human body. Also Trikatu churna is used in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system.


Indications: bronchitis, loss of appetite, weight gain, swelling. Trikatu used at low Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha increased. It drains mucus, reduces swelling, helps regulate weight, reduces the effects of stress and psychological trauma, is used for depression, cures colds, dyspepsia, bad breath in the stagnation of food in the stomach. In the winter, late autumn and early spring it is recommended that a daily single dose of the medicine.


Content: equal proportions of ginger, black pepper and long pepper (pippali).


Contraindications: high Pitta gastritis with high acidity, fever, skin diseases.


Dosage/Application: 1-2 grams twice a day for 10 min. before meals, with honey or lemon.

Original name: Trikatu churna Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

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