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Trichup oil – excellent for hair care. To make your hair thick, strong and shining, roots of hair should be strong and your scalp healthy and well-groomed. Trichup oil is composed of sesame and coconut oil, and a set of herbs that nourish and strengthen hair roots, promoting their growth.

Hair reflect the internal state of the organism. Balanced diet, rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, especially iron, sulphur, zinc, vitamins b and C and essential fatty acids, very has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. Good nutrition is the key to healthy hair, but to be effective it is necessary that the nutrient substances have reached the roots of the hair. It often happens that the tension in the skin head or fat deposits obstruct the flow of blood, drying sebum, leaving the hair without food. With the help of oil massage you can reduce stress and improve circulation, and remove with the remains of the roots of dry sebum.


Indications: hair loss, baldness, fragile and brittle hair, early graying, dandruff, headache.


Content: azadirachta indica, eclipta alba, emblica officinalis, indigofera tinctoria, centella asiatica, cyperus rotundus, jasminum officinale, Abrus precatorius, glycyrrhiza glabra, crateeva murvala, pongamia pinnata, solanum indicum, citrullus colocynths, sesamum indicum oil, cocos nucifera oil.

Dosage/Application: easy massage movements to RUB the oil into the scalp, then wrap your head warm towel and leave 30-90 minutes (ideally overnight). Then rinse oil with warm water and shampoo. This procedure is very useful for the scalp, hair roots and themselves hair. It also acts as an excellent hair conditioner effectively fights against skin dryness caused by coloring, permanent, tongs, a Hairdryer, and promotes the growth of new, healthy hair


Original name: Trichup oil VASU.

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