Toothpaste whitening Salt and Lemon Dabur, 80 grams

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Toothpaste whitening Salt and Lemon gently removes stains from the teeth, cleanse the enamel thereby controlling plaque formation and prevent the appearance of Tartar , which in result provides You pearly white teeth and a bright smile.

Salt gently removes stains and brightens teeth.

Lemon removes plaque and prevents Tartar formation.

Natural toothpaste Salt and Lemon does not contain harmful chemicals and fluoride.

Ingredients: Sorbitol, Purified water, Glycerine, Miswak extract, Flavor, Sodium saccharin, Citric acid, Enzyme, Lemon Extract.

Dosage/Application: Apply a small amount of toothpaste on toothbrush, brush for 2-3 min., rinse mouth thoroughly. Use twice a day.

Original name: Toothpaste whitening Herb'l Salt and Lemon 60+20 grams Dabur.

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