Spirulina powder Aurospirul, 100 grams

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Spirulina is an effective adaptogen, immunomodulator and general tonic for the body. This medicine increases efficiency, reduces fatigue, and eliminates lethargy. In acute respiratory infections, including influenza, it promotes faster recovery.

Spirulina is indicated for iron deficiency anemia, especially in cases where iron supplements are not effective. In addition, this plant is used in the complex treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis, hepatitis and pancreatitis, as well as in fibroids and mastopathy, prostate diseases.

Spirulina is a rich source of highly digestible proteins, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Some of them are found only in spirulina. This plant helps to remove toxic metabolic products from joints, muscles, blood and lymph.

This alga has a unique composition of amino acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements. In spirulina, minerals (K, Ca, Mg, Na, P, Fe, Cu, Se, Zn) are concentrated in an optimal ratio.

Also Spirulina contains a large amount of β-carotene, B vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

- weakened immunity, vitamin deficiency;
- asthenia, accompanied by weakness, fatigue, decreased performance, sleep disturbance, appetite;
- SARS, including influenza;
- atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias, arterial hypertension (in complex treatment);
- post-infarction, post-stroke period (in complex rehabilitation);
- gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, enteritis), in complex treatment;
- hepatitis, pancreatitis, in complex treatment;
- anemia, including iron deficiency, in complex treatment;
- obesity;
- diabetes mellitus, in complex treatment;
- osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, deforming arthrosis, degenerative changes in old age, in complex treatment;
- hormone-dependent tumors (mastopathy, fibroids);
- menopause, in complex treatment;
- prostatitis, BPH (adenoma), in complex therapy;
- programs for weight loss and body detoxification;

Content: Spirulina platensis 100%.

Dosage: 3-5 grams per day or as directed by a physician.

Contraindications: take with caution in patients with renal pathology in cases where they are advised to limit protein foods. Not recommended for acute gastrointestinal diseases.

Original name: Spirulina powder, 100 grams Aurospirul.

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