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Spirulina - is an absolute champion among natural products on the content and composition of amino acids, vitamins, macro - and micronutrients. Such accumulations of valuable nutrients has not one plant on our planet, in the part of the algae there are not any toxic elements.

In spirulina is concentrated in an optimal ratio of minerals (K, Ca, Mg, Na, P, Fe, Cu, Se, Zn). Balanced mineral complex algae absorbed by the body better than their pharmacological counterparts, a special role belongs to the antioxidants — selenium and zinc.

Efficiency vitamin content of spirulina is superior to large doses of synthetic vitamins, has a more pronounced protective effect and the ability to support the immune system of the body to resist infectious, radiation factors, toxins and tumors.

The concentration of β-carotene, a powerful antioxidant and immunocorrector, warning, cardiovascular disease, seaweed is 10 times more than in carrots, and the content of b vitamins, they are ahead of meat, legumes and ceauthentics.

Medical studies pay much attention to the content in the chemical composition of spirulina pigments: phycocyanin and chlorophyll. Japanese and American scientists confirm the therapeutic effect of phycocyanin and of its capacity to safely enhance immunity, enhance the activity of the lymphatic system, to protect the body from inflammation, tumors and infections. The chlorophyll of spirulina, in turn, promotes the synthesis and increase in hemoglobin levels, and normalizing the blood-forming organs.

Algae are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamins F) required for the synthesis and utilization of phospholipids, the main component of cell membranes and vascular walls, as well as prostaglandins (tissue hormones) that control the body's blood pressure levels, are responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses, metabolic processes in the liver, play an important role in lipid metabolism and regulation of sexual functions.

Have spirulina cell wall is represented polysaccharide complex based on alginates possessing a pronounced ability to bind and excrete the products of nitrogen metabolism (urea, creatinine), radionuclides, salts of heavy metals, phenolic compounds and other toxic substances. Unlike the cellulose cell walls of plants, monopoliser murein easily digested and absorbed by the body.

An important benefit of spirulina is the biological value of protein, which is ahead by the concentration of eggs, beef, soy, as well as all therapeutic dosages of other algae, its digestibility up to 50% and the digestibility 70%.

Spirulina increases efficiency, reduces fatigue, eliminates lethargy. Acute respiratory infections, including influenza, promotes more rapid recovery.
Regular supplementation of spirulina has a positive effect on the biochemical parameters of lipid and cholesterol metabolism, improves the dynamics of the clinical and quality of life in ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, high blood pressure in post-infarction and post-stroke period.
Convincing results of the use of algae for iron deficiency anemia especially in cases where an iron Supplement is not effective. They are needed in the treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system, demand osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, deforming arthrosis of the joints of the lower extremities, the presence of degenerative changes in elderly and senile age.

Justified the appointment of spirulina in hepatitis and pancreatitis, and also if the fibroids, mastitis, menopause, prostate diseases. It significantly improves the condition, reduces the severity of pathological symptoms in complex treatment of these diseases.

Spirulina preparations are well combined with natural adaptogens, antioxidants and other iodine-containing plants.

Recommended as a tonic remedy, additional source of vitamins, minerals, protein, for the prevention of hypovitaminosis and Sementsov, as well as to the diet under the following conditions and diseases:
- a weakened immune system, vitamin deficiency;
- asthenia accompanied by weakness, fatigue, decreased performance, sleep disturbance, appetite;
Viral respiratory infections, including influenza;
- atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension (in complex treatment);
- post-infarction, post-stroke period (in complex rehabilitation);
- diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, enteritis), in the complex treatment;
- hepatitis, pancreatitis, in the complex treatment;
- anemia, including iron deficiency, in the complex treatment;
- obesity;
- diabetes in the complex treatment;
- osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, deforming arthrosis, degenerative changes in the elderly in the complex treatment;
- hormone-dependent tumors (mastitis, fibroids);
- climacteric period, in the complex treatment;
- prostatitis, BPH (adenoma) in complex therapy;
programs for weight loss and cleanse the body;
- high risk of spread of allergic and neoplastic processes in the background of a weakened immune system.

Content: Spirulina platensis 100%.

Dosage/Application: 3-5 grams per day or as directed by a physician.

Contraindications: due To the high protein content with taking with caution to patients with renal pathology in those cases, when they recommended the restriction of protein. Not recommended in acute gastro-intestinal diseases.

Original name: Spirulina crunches, 100 grams Aurospirul.

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