Shilajeet vati Shri Ganga, 50 grams

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Shilajeet – black mineral that accumulates in the cracks of rocks high in the Himalayas, also known as Shilajit. Part of Shilajeet vati have also included various herbs and minerally, promotes better absorption and more pronounced its effect.


Shilajeet suitable for all three doshas and is a great anti-aging remedy.

For many thousands of years the Northern Ayurvedic tradition uses this gift of the mountains to treat a very large number of diseases. The ancient Greeks also highly valued healing, crasivaia and cleansing the body, the action of Shilajit (Shilajit).

Shilajeet is widely used in Ayurveda not only as a standalone medicine, but also as a component of more complex medicines. Vagbhata writes that there is almost no disease which was not treated would Shilajita mixed with certain herbs. The spectrum of its actions is quite wide and it is considered a potent medicine.


Indications: diabetes, fractures, sprains, bruises, arthritis, deposition of salts, impotence, allergies, low immunity, prevent tumors.


Content: Shilajeet, Banslochan, Swarn bang, Swarn Makshik, etc.


Dosage/Application: 1-2 tablets twice a day.


Original name: Shilajeet vati, 50 grams of Shri Ganga.

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