Shatavari kalpa Dhootapeshwar, 350 grams

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Shatavari Kalpa – Rasayana for the female reproductive system. It is used as a tonic for the normal development of the reproductive system in girls during adolescence, and during pregnancy and to improve lactation.


Welcome Shatavari Kalpa during pregnancy is beneficial for fetal development, and reduces the likelihood and consequences of toxicity. Also it supports the immune system of women after childbirth, regain strength, normalize hormones.


Shatavari Kalpa recommended girl, to getam in disorders of development, disorders of the menstrual cycle, fatigue, and irritability.


Indications: weakness of the female genital organs, infertility, menopause, leucorrhoea, diarrhea, dysentery, dehydration, gastric ulcer, hyperacidity, lung abscesses, cough, herpes, recurrent fever, recovery period.


Dosage/Application: 1 teaspoon 1-twice a day with milk. -


Contraindications: diabetes mellitus.


Content: Shatavarimool, Ela, Gur, Sodium benzonate.

Original name: Shatavari kalpa Dhootapeshwar.

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