Shatavari Ghan vati Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy, 40 grams ~ 100 tablets

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Shatavari Ghan - most powerful form of Shatavari, pure extract.

Shatavari is the main rejuvenating plant for the female reproductive system. This medicine normalizes the menstrual cycle, increases the ability of the ovum to fertilize, improves lactation. Shatavari is a phytoestrogen and is indicated in a low level of female hormones, which often causes of the inability to become pregnant.

Shatavari has an excellent emollient effect on the gastric mucosa and can be used in the treatment of gastritis and as an auxiliary medicine in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

It also improves the quality of hair and nails.

Shatavari is a good rasayana for Pita dosha, calms Vata dosha.

Indications: irregular menstruation, weakness of female genital organs, infertility, recovery period after childbirth, menopause, gastritis, stomach ulcer.

Content: Asparagus racemosus pure extract 100%.

Shatavari Ghan vati Adarsh Ayurvedic contains only pure extract of Shatavari, therefore its effectiveness is much more higher than the usual form (powder or tablets), treatment does not stretch for many months and the results is noticeable almost immediately. 

Dosage/Application: 1-2 tablets twice a day with milk or water. Or as prescribed by a doctor.

Original name: Shatavari Ghan vati, 40 grams Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

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Татьяна Билоус
Благодаря Шатавари в сочетании с Канчнар гуггл справилась с фиброзно-кистозной мастопатией (обошлось без операции). Для этого параллельно с аптечными лекарствами начала понемногу их принимать. Постепенно колличество аюведических средств увеличивала, а аптечных - уменьшала. Потом - вообще без аптечных средств. А это не мало-не много гормональные препараты (вредно и дорого). Сейчас пью два курса в год для профилактики. ЭТИ таблетки, конечно, самые дорогие среди Шатавари, но они и самые сильные. Аюрведа, благодарю !!!
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