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Safi syrup is an effective remedy for cleansing the blood and liver of toxins, treatment of skin diseases associated with intoxication - acne, rash, itching, eczema etc. This medicine has a pronounced anti-inflammatory properties and can be used in any inflammatory processes in the body. Safi has a laxative effect and can be used for slow digestion and constipation. Additionally, this medicine is a diuretic and is used for edema caused by poor removal of fluid from the body.

Indications: intoxication, acne, rash, itching and other skin diseases, constipation, slow digestion.

Content: senna, revendchini, turbud, nilofar, gulab ke phool, sheesham, sandal surkh, gilo, harar, narkashoor, chiraita, kalmegh, kasaundi, mudhi, nil kanthi, shahtara, kachnaal, neem, tulsi, mazriun, afsentin roomi, turzoon, milleh firangi, invert sugar.



Adults: 1 teaspoon twice a day before meals with warm milk or water.

Children: 1/4 -1/2 teaspoon twice a day, before meals.

In cases of acute fever or severe intoxication of the organism, the dosage may be increased in accordance with the recommendation of the doctor.


Cautions: it must be light food, avoid fried foods, spicy and fatty foods. Also taking Safi is not desirable in low digestive fire and slow metabolism.

Original name: Safi syrup, 200 ml Hamdard.

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