Punarnava mandoor Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy, 20 grams ~ 50 tablets

Адарш Аюрведик
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Punarnava Mandur - classic Ayurvedic medicines, one of the main applications of which is disorders of the liver. In the same way Punarnava Mandur effective in violation of excretion of fluids from the body and kidney disease and of the urinary tract. Additionally, this medicine is effective for anaemia and as a General anti-inflammatory. In the same way Punarnava Mandur has detoxifying properties.


Indications: disorders of the liver, kidneys, inflammation of the urinary tract, dysuria, anemia.


Content: Punarnava, Trivrit, Shunti, Pippali, Maricha, Vidanga, It is, Chitrak mool, Pushkara mool, Hareethaki, Vibheetaki, Amalaki, Daruharidra, Aaron beach Villa, Dantimool, Chavya, Indrayava, Katuka, Pippalimool, Mustaka, Mandoor Bhasma, Gomutra.

Dosage/Application: 1-2 tablets twice a day.

Original name: Punarnava mandoor, 20 grams Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

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