Pain balm Amrutanjan, 8 ml

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Pain balm Amrutanjan is an effective pain reliever. This balsam is used for pain in muscles, joints, arthritis, gout, rheumatic pains. Active ingredients  of the balm relieves pain of sprains, sports injuries, back pain, lower back and muscles. Additionally, the Pain balm Amrutanjan can be used for headaches.

Content: Pudina ka phool, Gandhapura tel, Ointment base.

Method of application:
- Muscle pain, sprains, bruises - apply a thin layer to the affected area and rub balm massaged.
- Rheumatic, and arthritic pains - massage into skin with light massaging movements.
- Headaches - apply a thin layer on the skin of the forehead and in the temples, rub with light movements.
- Before physical activity muscles to massage with a small amount of balm a few minutes before the workout.

Original name: Pain balm Amrutanjan.

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