Nirdosh Maans, 3 boxes x 10 pc

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Nirdosh - Ayurvedic cigarettes to be applied as the substitute for conventional cigarettes and for the treatment of inflammatory processes of the respiratory system. Nirdosh contains a blend of herbs and contains no chemical components.

Use Nirdosh gives You the following advantages:

  1. provides the human body defense mechanism against diseases;

  2. is a natural means of rejuvenating;

  3. clears throat, giving resonance to the voice

  4. a feeling of well-being and helps the mind concentration;

  5. prevents constipation and increases appetite.

Smoking for your health!? One of the most famous Ayurvedic physicians of ancient India, Maharishi Charaka believed Smoking herbs treatment for various diseases associated with the head and chest.

As described in Charaka Samhita - one of the most important books of Ayurvedic Medicine, is Smoking must be good for people suffering from: headaches, migraines, cough, cold, chronic sneezing, chest congesta, asthma, teeth problems, ear, eye, nose and throat, tonsillitis, bad breath, hiccuping, pale and hair loss, loss of sleep and appetite etc.

The advantages of such Smoking was also described in other respected books, such as Ashtanga Hridaya, Sushruta Samhita etc.

The ingredients used in the production of Nirdosh.

  • Sugandhvala: antispasmodic and stimulating effect in hysteria, neuroses and psychoses.

  • Tamalpatra: carminative, stimulant and diuretic, it is a strong stimulant.

  • Yastimadhu: sedative, tonic, expectorant, diuretic and laxative.

  • Kustha: carminative, antiseptic, pathogen activity of cardiac muscle stimulant.

  • Tulshi: soothing, expectorant and antiseptic.

  • Aaron beach Villa: aromatic, stimulant, tonic, carminative and cleansing the blood.

  • Guggula: sedative, expectorant, antispasmodic, stimulating effect.

  • Ajmodar: stimulant, antispasmodic, used in bronchitis and asthma.

  • Tinduka: the leaves of this plant have a bad taste and smell, they have diuretic and carminative action. They are used as a wrapper for Nirdosh.

Original name: Nirdosh,  boxes Maans.

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