Night rejuvenating cream Sri Sri Tattva, 60 grams

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Night cream Sri Sri Tattva nourishes your skin while you sleep. Specially selected composition of this cream provides a comprehensive approach in the care of the skin - slows the aging process, improves elasticity and skin color. Night cream Sri Sri Tattva stimulates the regeneration and rejuvenation of skin cells during the night, helping to remove signs of fatigue and exhaustion.

Ingredients: Kumari 0.04 g, Vatada 0.02 g, Shatapatri 0.02 g, Nimbuka 0.02 g, Trapusha 0.02 g, Naranga 0.01 g, Draksha 0.01 g, Clycerin, Cream base, approved prservatives q.s.

Original name: Rejuvenating Night cream Sri Sri Tattva.

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