Nidco-Vit syrup NidCo, 200 ml

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Nidko-Vit - complex of vitamins and herbal micronutrients needed by the body to maintain good health and well-being. This medicine is an excellent immunomodulator and a powerful antioxidant. Nidko-Vit contains plants, known for their beneficial effects on the body, thus this product is a perfect general tonic for a body that maintains high efficiency, balance the nervous system and energizes. Also, Nidko-Vit is rich in easily absorbing natural iron, helping to maintain normal levels of hemoglobin.

Indications: beriberi, fatigue, mental and physical fatigue, stress, poor immunity, anemia.

Content: Withania somnifera, Mucuna pruriens, Arguera speciosa, Pedaleum murex, Sida cordifolia, Phoenix sylvestris, Asparagus racemosus, Asparagus adscendens, Rosa centifolia, Curcuma longa, Spinacia oleracea, Chenopodium album, Vitis vinifera, Pyrus malus.


- adults: 10-20 ml twice a day or as prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

- for children: 5-10 ml twice a day or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

Attention! It is not advisable to exceed the recommended dose.

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