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Netramritam wonderful eye drops that have soothing, calming, relieving fatigue effect. They can be recommended for increasing svetochuvstvitelen and irritation, inflammation of the eyes. These drops have strong antibacterial action.

Drops washed tear ducts and relieve inflammation of the lacrimal glands.

Netramritam contains only herbal extracts in composition, and its dark cherry color they have to the extracts from the flowers of hibiscus and rose petals.

Content: Lodhratwak, Hima, Padmakam, Sevyam, Sasi, Himambu

Dosage/Application: 1-2 drops before bed and 1-2 drops in the morning before washing. In acute conjunctivitis and other acute eye infections, the dosage can be increased.

P.S. These drops have dark color and high density. After drying, certain components of drops left on the skin colour pigment, which is easily washed off with water, keep that in mind if you have a need to be in the company after use of the medicine.

Netra amritam AVS, the Netra amritam, eye drops.


Eye drops on the famous Kerala recipe.


The Netra Amritam, eyedrops have soothing, calming,
antibacterial action. This recipe is suitable for human eye the "ignition", eye strain, irritation, or high the torch ofusticalines.

Netra Amritam will help you through your time of weariness and irritation in the eyes. If your eyes are red, sudatta, inflamed due to excessive eyestrain or swollen. If your eyes are sensitive to artificial light and get tired from the computer.


The composition of the droplets includes only herbal extracts without alcohol. Drops tear ducts washed and reduce inflammation of the salivary glands. The drops have a dark cherry color from the hibiscus flowers and rose petals.

Dosage/Application and dosage: 1-2 drops before bed and 1-2 drops in the morning after waking up, before washing. In acute conjunctivitis and other acute eye infections can increase the dosage and frequency of instillation, adding at intervals a day, 2 times before meals in 15 minutes.

Attention! These drops are made from plant material, have a dark color and dense texture, so that they do not similar to purified or extracted fluid, familiar to Western people. Please use these drops at home or when you do not need to be in the company, since after drying some of the ingredients of the drops left on the skin around the eyes, a color pigment, which after drying, are easy (to wash) washed off with water.

Original name: Netramritam Kottakkal.

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