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Neem has a very long list of useful properties. This plant is one of the most powerful blood-purifying and detoksiciruuschee Ayurvedic remedies. Neem has pronounced antiviral, antibacterial, anthelmintic and antifungal properties. This product has been successfully used for the treatment of colds accompanied by fever.Neem is used to cleanse the blood, liver and intestines of toxins, is indicated for the treatment of most skin diseases. Also It can be used for skin care, when taken orally it cleanses the skin of toxins, improves blood circulation, but when the external application makes the skin smooth and soft.This medicine has hepatoprotective properties - cleans the liver from toxins and pollutants, protects the liver cells from necrosis. Neem also improves the respiratory system and intestines, improves lung function and removes toxins from the intestines. Additionally, this medicine is indicated for gastritis and gastric ulcer. This medicine can be used in all inflammatory processes as it has a calming effect on the Pitta dosha. It is also used to treat poorly healing wounds. Neem is indicated for the treatment of diabetes, it regulates the level of sugar in the blood. Additionally, this medicine is used to treat inflammatory processes in kidneys and urinary system. Also, Neem is used in anti-tumor and anti-cancer therapy, particularly leukemia.

Indications: cleansing the blood, liver and intestines of toxins, inflammatory processes caused by the activities of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, fungal infections, worms, tonic for liver, respiratory and skin diseases, diabetes, non-healing wounds, inflammatory processes in kidneys and urinary system, cancer.

Content: Azadirachta indica powder 100%.

Dosage: 1-2 tablets twice a day with water. Or as directed by your doctor.

Original name: Neem, 120 tablets Jiva.

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Reviews: 2
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