Navratna oil Himani, 100 ml

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Navratna oil is a universal oil that is equally effective as a painkiller for inflammation of the muscles and joints and hair loss. It consists of a combination of 30 herbs and components.

Among the advantages of oil Navratna are the following:

- Cools and clears the head, relieves stress, fatigue.
- Relieves headaches, helps with migraines.
- Effectively for insomnia and shallow sleep.
Tonic for brain, improves memory.
- Tones the muscles, relieves pain, tension.
- Heals minor burns and cuts, relieves inflammation.
- Stimulates hair growth, prevents premature graying and hair loss, the effective remedy for dandruff.

Content: Lata Kasturi, Kakoli, Brahmi, Sailaja, Kapoor Kachari, Gandhamatra, Gatella, Kunch, Muramansi, Gulab Phool, Benamul, Mustha, Kesut, Amla, Karpur, Pudina Ka Phool, Pudina Ka Tel, Surasar, etc.


- for body massage: massage in thoroughly massage into skin, leave oil on skin for 1-2 hours (better overnight).

- for scalp and hair: massage oil into the scalp, then wrap your head and leave for 1-2 hours (better overnight). Then rinse the oil with warm water and shampoo.

- for headaches: massage in thoroughly massage into the forehead and temples, to leave the oil on the skin for 1-2 hours.

Original name: Navratna oil 100 ml Himani.

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