Narasimha Rasayana Kottakkal, 500 grams

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The action of Narasimha Rasayana is aimed primarily at improving the immune system, increasing physical strength and endurance. Possessing excellent anti-aging properties, this Rasayana is a tonic for the whole body, it also increases sexual desire and improves sexual potency, has a beneficial effect on body composition. Welcome Narasimha Rasayana is equally useful both for men and for women, promotes good physical health and improves fertility in women and men.

Also it is useful in the treatment of all types of gynecological disorders.

Indications: General weakness associated with aging, geriatric disorders


Content: Bhringaraja (eclipta alba), Amla (Embelica officinalis), Chebulic myrobalan, Beleric myrobalan, Shatavari (asparagus rosemosus), etc.


Dosage/Application: 5-15 grams daily before bedtime with warm milk.

Original name: Narasimha Rasayana, 500 grams Kottakkal.

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