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Lodhra churna mainly uses as a tonic for the female reproductive system, especially the uterus. Additionally, this plant is also effective as a tonic for eyesight, lungs, digestive system, for the treatment of skin diseases. Also, Lodhra churna is indicated for bleeding associated with high Pita dosha - nasal bleeding, menorrhagia, bleeding hemorrhoids. Another feature of this medicine is that it condenses blood, improving its coagulability, thereby reducing bleeding.

Additionally, Lodhra churna also has a cosmetic properties - the masks from this plant make the skin radiant, nourish and tonify, and remove the radiation.


- tonic for the female reproductive system, especially the uterus, postpartum period, menorrhagia;

- infections of female genital organs, leucorrhea;

- tonic for the lungs and digestive system;

- a tonic for the eyes, improves eyesight;

- bleeding associated with elevated Pita - nasal bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids;

- a tonic for blood, improving coagulability;

- skin diseases and infections, non-healing wounds (can be applied externally in the form of paste);

- as a cosmetic for the skin (applied externally in the form of a mask).

Content: Symplocos racemosa.

Dosage/Application and administration:

- per-oral: 1/2 teaspoon twice a day or as directed by an ayurvedic physician.

- externally: pour 1 teaspoon of powder with hot water until a paste condition. Apply to the skin and leave for 15-30 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

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