Kunkumadi tailam Kottakkal, 10 ml

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Kunkumadi tailam is a special rejuvenative ayurvedic oil. It is used to make one’s skin authenticly young and healthy. It cures acne.

Kunkumadi formula has a good penetration ability, due to which it is authenticly effective in smoothing of wrinkles. Kunkumadi oil is so gentle, that it can be applied on eyelids as well.

Kunkumadi tailam contains saffron, which makes skin slightly tanned after application. 

Content: kunuma 1.563g, usira 1.250g, kaliya 1.563g, laksha 1.563g, yashtyahva 1.563g, chandana 1.250g, nyagrodhapada 1.250g, padmaka 1.250g, padmakesara 1.250g, nilotpala 1.250g, manjishta 1.563g, pattanga 0.313g, ajakshira 20.000ml, taila 10.000ml.

Usage: apply in the morning after face wash or/and before going to sleep as a night cream. Apply thin layer with gentle massaging movements, alternate with tapping by fingertips. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Excess remove by tissue. Avoid eyes!

Oil contains natural residue. Warm up and stir before use. 

Dosage/Application: 2-5 drops for 1 procedure.

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