Krimisodhini Gulika Kottakkal, 100 tablets

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Krimisodhini Gulika is a classical anti-parasite formula from Kerala ayurvedic tradition. It fights worms, opistorhia, lamblia and others. “Krimi” means “worms” in Tamil language. 

Indications: anti-parasite medicine with a wide range of activity, including protozoa.


1. Aranyatulasibijam Ocimum americanum 0.030 g

2. Ramatham Ferula asafoetida 0.030 g

3. Krishnajirakam Nigella sativa 0.030 g

4. Hiravi Garcinia morella 0.030 g

5. Hingulam Mercuric sulphide 0.030 g

6. Tikshnavrikshaphala Croton tiglium 0.030 g

7. Palasabija Butea monosperma 0.090 g

8. Mushkakakshiram Butea monosperma 0.694 ml


  • Adults: 1 tablet twice a day during 5 days.
  • Children 5-7 years old: ¼ tablet twice a day during 5 days.
  • Children 7-10 years old: 1/3 tablet twice a day during 5 days.
  • Children 10-15 years old: ½ tablet twice a day during 5 days.

Take tablet after meal together with water of 50 degrees Celsius. Do not eat much during the whole day, only light vegetarian food. Fasting is preferable, but water should be taken.

Take second tablet at 21:30-23:00. The same night or the next morning defecation must happen. After this drink one glass of warm water.

Repeat the whole course in 2 weeks, if required.

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