Krimihar vati Shri Ganga, 50 grams

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Krimihar vati helps to expel worms and their eggs, prevents re-infestation. It is highly efficient against round and tapeworms.

Moreover, Krimihar vati maintains biorhythms of gastrointestinal tract, relieves abdominal spasms, nausea.

Krimihar vati improves absorption and digestion. Thus it has a positive impact on weight gaining. 

Indications: anti-parasite medicine with a wide range of activity, including round and tapeworms.

Content: Palaspappara 125 мг, Vidanga 125 мг, Rechanaka 125 мг, Ajmod 125 мг, Katuka 50 мг, Trayamana 50 мг, Bakuchi 100 мг, Nimba 50 мг, Trivrt 50 мг, Nagkesar 25 мг, Inderian 50 мг, Kali Ziri 50 мг, Amla 50 мг, Baheda 50 мг, Harad 50 мг, Dadima 25 мг, Hulhul 50 мг, Nimba 100 мг.

Dosage/Application: adults: 2 tablets twice a day after meal together with milk or water. Children: 1 tablet twice a day after meal.

Benefits / Indications

Worms, parasites
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