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Krimighna vatika is a highly efficient anti-parasite formula from Kerala ayurvedic tradition. It fights worms, opistorhia, lamblia and others. “Krimi” means “worms” in Tamil language. 

Indications: anti-parasite medicine with a wide range of activity, including protozoa.

Content: Kandukari churna, Swetaramatham, Mushkakakshiram.

Dosage/Application: for prophylaxis: 1 tablet in the morning and evening after meal together with warm water.

Children above 5 years: 1 tablet; children under 5 years: ¼-1/2 tablet, depending on age. Take laxative the next evening.

In moderate worms’ infestation course should be up to 3 days. Take laxative second day evening.

In severe worms’ infestation course should be up to 7 days. Take laxative in the evening on the 4th day.

Use castor oil as a laxative.

Benefits / Indications

Worms, parasites
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