Krimi kuthara ras Adarsh Ayurvedic Pharmacy, 40 grams ~ 100 tablets

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Krimi kuthara ras is a complex anti-parasite medicine with a wide range of activity. It is efficient towards intestinal and parenchymal forms of parasites. Also it relieves abdominal colic and improves digestion.

Besides, Krimi kuthara ras sustains organism in general and helps to maintain its balance.

Indications: anti-parasite medicine with a wide range of activity, including protozoa, chlamidiosis


Content: Kajali 2.70%, Vidanga 1.33%, Hing 1.33%, Inderjav 1.33%, Vacha 1.33%, Kampillak 1.33%, Karanj Beej Majja 1.33%, Palash Beej 1.33%, Dadi Mool Chal 1.33%, Supari 1.33%, Dhikamali 1.33%, Lasuna 1.33%, Sonchar Lavan 1.33%, Sat Ajwain 1.33%. Bhavna: Ghrit. Kumari.

Dosage/Application: 1-2 tablets twice a day together with water.  

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