Keshohills Herbalhills, 60 tablets

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Keshohills - tablets to improve hair growth. The composition of this medicine includes all major plants known for their beneficial effects on hair growth. Keshohills strengthens and nourishes hair bulbs, reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Also, Keshohills is effective for maintaining hair color and fighting premature graying.

Additionally, this medicine is a wonderful rasayana for the whole body. All plants that make up Keshohill have a rejuvenating effect on the body, tone up the nervous system and liver.


- prevents hair loss and improves hair growth;

- reduces the fragility of hair, makes them stronger;

- maintains a natural color and helps to fight premature graying;

- a wonderful tonic for the body.

Content: Amalaki ghan, Bhrungraj ghan, Kumari Swaras, Mandukparni ghan, Methi Powder.

Dosage/Application: 1 tablet twice a day.

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