Jyotishmati tail Unjha-Ayukalp, 15 ml

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Gamesmate (Malkangiri) tail is an Ayurvedic oil which is used to improve the work of the mind. This oil contains large amounts of vitamins of group b, thus stimulates the brain. Gamesmate tail improves concentration, memory, ability to perceive information calms the mind and makes sleep peaceful and deep. Also this medicine used for the treatment of dementia and idiocy.

Additionally, Gathermate tail is used externally for the treatment of Leucoderma (disorders of skin pigmentation).

Indications: mental weakness, poor concentration, memory loss, the overstimulation of the nervous system as a consequence of stress, leukodermia and other skin diseases.

Content: Jyotishmati, Apamarga.


- inside: 3-5 drops twice a day with warm milk or water. Or as directed by your doctor.

- externally: a small amount of warm oil applied to the skin, to RUB light massage movements. Oil left on the skin for 30 minutes then wash off the remnants.

Original name: Jyotishmati tail Unjha.

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