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Jatamansi churna is a famous ayurvedic medicine for various nervous system disorders.

It has a powerful healing effect in memory loss, mental disorders, headaches, migraine, hysteria, hypereretism, delirium, insomnia, seizures, menopausal mental disorders, stresses. 

Jatamansi churna is used in stroke treatment and in treatment of cerebrovascular pathology like encephalopathy. It is a good sedative. Jatamansi churna is helpful in hypertension.

Besides, Jatamansi churna has strong antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant, carminative properties. 

It also fights worms and other parasites. 

It is a good tonic for women reproductive system and supports menstrual function.

Moreover, Jatamansi churna has a healing effect in indigestion, heart diseases, arrhythmia, hair loss.

It is a good medicine for a wide range of liver disorders, including hepatitis, intoxications, bile stagnation.

Jatamansi churna is an excellent general tonic, which boosts immunity and vitality.

Jatamansi churna benefits:

  • it is helpful in various nervous system pathology, including mental disorders and stresses;
  • it is used in treatment of stroke and encephalopathy;
  • it is a good antiseptic and fights worms;
  • it nourishes women reproductive system, helps in menopausal disorders;
  • it is an excellent medicine for liver disorders;
  • it boosts immunity and vitality.

Indications: memory loss, mental disorders, headaches, migraine, hysteria, hypereretism, delirium, insomnia, seizures, menopausal mental disorders, stresses, worm eradication, gynecological diseases, including menopausal disorders, indigestion, heart diseases, arrhythmia, hair loss, hepatitis, intoxications, bile stagnation. 

Content: Nardostachys jatamansi powder 100%.


Dosage/Application: recommended dose 250-750 mg a day. Maximum 3 gr a day, 1 gr at once.

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