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Isabgol is an Ayurvedic regulator of the intestines and digestive tract. Facilitates the activity of the intestinal tract, provides a healthy stool.

Pharmacological action: absorbing toxins from the intestines, anticatarrhal, antidiarrheal, lowers cholesterol and LDL levels), bulk laxative, neutralizes poisons, increases the population of acidophilic and bifidophilic intestinal bacteria and eliminates unwanted and pathogenic microflora, maintains normal bowel function with a diet poor in fibers.

The pharmacological action of Isabgol is due to the high content of fiber polysaccharides, which have a pronounced hydrophilicity, form a gel. Passing through the gastrointestinal tract, the gel mass works like a molecular "sponge", normalizes and homogenizes the internal environment of the intestine, absorbs toxins and gases, and actively reduces pain and bloating.

Isabgol fiber is a source of soluble fiber. It does not break down, has no nutritional value, helps reduce fat absorption, slows down gastric emptying, thereby contributing to the normalization of fat metabolism and weight loss.

Isabgol effectively reduces the absorption of total and LDL cholesterol, bile acids and glucose, reducing its peak concentration in the blood. Increased excretion of nitrogen with feces, under the action of the drug, actively reduces the level of urea in plasma.


- Constipation;
- Overweight and obesity (in combination with other drugs);
- Intoxication (including alcohol);
- High cholesterol;
- Intestinal dysfunction;
- Hemorrhoids (to avoid painful bowel movements);
- Postoperative period;
- Chronic diarrhea;
- Conditions in which light defecation with soft stools is desirable (eg hemorrhoids, anal fissures or during pregnancy), cystitis, diarrhea, diverticulosis, dysentery, hypercholesterolemia, irritable bowel syndrome.

Content: Isabgol - Plantago ovata or Plantago ispagula - French plantain (Asian).

How to use: pour 1 teaspoon of the preparation with 1 glass of warm water, soak for some time in warm water before ingestion, stir and drink quickly. It is necessary to drink at least 1 full glass of water. The course of treatment is no more than 8-10 days.

Attention! While taking Isabgol, it is necessary to drink 6-8 glasses of pure water during the day.

Contraindications: intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain, fecal blockage.

Original name: Isabgol seeds, 50 grams Shivananda.

In our store you can buy the original Isabgol whole seeds, 50 grams Shivananda at a bargain price!

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