Isabgol GoodEarth, 100 grams

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Isabgol - absorbent with soft laxative effect. This medicine reduces high acidity, removes toxins and helps to restore intestinal flora. Passing through the intestines, Isabgol like a sponge and absorbs toxins and helps eliminate toxins. By improving bowel function, Isabgol used as preparatory tool for weight loss.

Indications: constipation, hyperacidity, diarrhea, weak digestion, overweight.

Content: Psyllium husk powder 100%.

Method of application: 1 teaspoon of the medicine pour 250 ml of warm water, stir and drink before the medicine settles to the bottom. If necessary, you can take 2 times a day. Length of treatment - from 2-3 days up to 3 months in heavy cases. During the reception, Isabgol it is advisable to drink more water.

Contraindications: obstruction intestine, fecal blockage.

Original name: Isabgol, 100 grams GoodEarth.

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