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Heron-Vit Hoodia aktyv - a secure and reliable means to reduce weight, does not contain hormone stimulants and laxatives ingredients.

The number of overweight people continues to increase, so from a medical point of view, the problem of excess weight should be considered as the likelihood of developing serious diseases such as coronary insufficiency, diabetes mellitus type II, arterial hypertension, pulmonary embolism, atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, and others.

People suffering from obesity and attendant diseases, are often severely disturbed metabolism, due of which the body is unable to switch to fat burning, resisting any attempts to reduce weight. This phenomenon is called metabolic resistance to weight loss. It can be accompanied by excessive secretion of insulin, when tolerance to it receptor, hypofunction of the thyroid gland, digestive disorders.

When excess insulin (the body's response to carbohydrate intake), the body begins to process carbohydrates into fat. Besides, excessive secretion of insulin leads to destabilization of glucose in the blood, contributing to the emergence of feelings of hunger. Violation of the regulatory mechanism of glucose-insulin balance leads to diabetes mellitus type II.

It creates a vicious circle - increase insulin production, increase glucose levels, reducing its absorption and fat accumulation, whereas cells lacking glucose. The result is even more evident hunger and sugar cravings.

The best and only possible way to correct disorders of carbohydrate metabolism is to translate the body in the process of lipolysis, that is, the combustion cell and the intercellular fat. This mechanism is incorporated in the medicine Heron-Vit Hoodia aktyv.

The formulation of this effective medicine to fight obesity aims to overcome metabolic resistance to weight reduction, getting energy from fats in the process of lipolysis.
The formula Heron-Vit Hoodia aktyv includes plant extracts, enhanced by the vitamin and mineral support. The unique formulation of this medicine activates the metabolism, cleansing of toxins, normalizes insulin levels, reduces appetite.

The effect of the medicine:
- activates the utilization of adipose tissue;
- blocks the enzyme that turns carbohydrates into fats;
- suppression of feelings of hunger;
- activates lipid metabolism.

Phytotherapeutic properties of the components of Heron-Vit Hoodia aktyv:

Lemon bioflavonoids – powerful antioxidants that affect the mechanisms of regulation of lipid metabolism, strengthen the capillaries and reduce their permeability, are involved in normalization of blood pressure, reduce the risk of allergies and tumors that have a fat burning effect.

Kelp is a natural source of iodine, zinc, manganese, iron, potassium. Affects thyroid function, moreover, vegetable fibers have laxative, cleansing effect, reduces the intensity of the absorption of fats and stimulates the elimination from the body extra carbohydrates, fat and sugar. Studies conducted in Japan have shown that seaweed helps weight loss, thanks to fucoxanthin. This special compound has influence on metabolic processes, helps to reduce fat accumulation of visceral fat around the waist. Contained in kelp iodine stimulates the reduction of unhealthy fat, and alginate binds over 50% of the dietary fats, preventing them from being assimilated. Especially effectively reduces the weight of the combined action of kelp and oils of pomegranate.

Dioscorea (Wild Yam) – regulates the hormonal balance, normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood. Antispasmodic properties ease colic and flatulence. Wild Yam is also useful in osteoporosis, promotes the absorption of calcium by bone tissue, which is very important during weight loss.

Hops – the hops complex special role, they relieve nervous tension, stress, return sleep; without normalization the function of the nervous system, you cannot count on a stable weight loss. Additionally to sedative actions, hops improves digestion, eliminates inflammatory processes and metabolic disorders.

Artichoke – artichoke therapy involves mild diuretic and choleretic effect, stimulates metabolism, marked reduction of cholesterol in the blood. Especially the influence of the artichoke extract on lipid metabolism, detoxification function of the liver and positive effects on normalizing blood sugar levels.

Garcinia cambogia (Brikama) – contains the active ingredient – hydroxycitric acid (HCA) – an inhibitor of lipogenesis, inhibits the synthesis of fatty acids, lipids, lowers LDL and triglycerides, helps reduce cholesterol and stabilize the level of blood glucose, suppresses appetite and slows the conversion of carbohydrates into fats, supports vitality; extract effective fat burning ingredient, utilizing fat accumulation irrespective of diet, safely removes waste and toxins, prevents the development of cellulite.

Pineapple is a well – studied remedy for obesity and lipid disorders; proteolytic enzyme bromelain stimulates the elimination of fat, has laxative effect, reduces the swelling of fatty tissue.

Hoodia Gordon – the most effective means, capable to suppress the appetite. The molecule P-57 (steroid glycosides) contained in Hoodia gordonii was first opened in 1996, allows to avoid overeating, suppressing the feeling of hunger, while maintaining high energy efficiency and excellent mood. Additionally, hoodia improves the blood, reduces the level of glucose, cholesterol and low density lipoprotein (LDL).

Zinc – necessary for normal immune system function; as an antioxidant, slows the aging process; has a direct impact on the formation of collagen fibers responsible for skin elasticity.

Magnesium – increases the absorption of calcium and potassium, improves metabolism, minerals, the immune processes involved as antistress, antiallergic component of the complex.

Chromium picolinate improves the uptake of glucose by cells, and maintains the level of sugar in optimal concentrations, promotes the synthesis of collagen, improving the condition of the hair and skin, effective for weight loss.

Inositol – helps to normalize metabolism, remove excess fat, promotes enzyme activity; maintaining a healthy metabolism, healthy cholesterol and estrogen.

L – carnitine use L – carnitine in the formulation increases the efficiency of the complex and leads to fast results. This amino acid stimulates fat burning, lowers cholesterol, supports life potential.

B vitamins (B1, B5, B6, folic acid) contribute to the activation of the process of weight loss, promote stable blood sugar levels, restore hormonal balance, slow down bone loss.

- alimentary obesity;
- as a safe weight correction;
- metabolic syndrome;
- atherosclerosis;
- menopause with increased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood;
- cellulite (in integrated programmes);
- the lipomatosis (in integrated programmes).

Ingredients: lemon bioflavonoids, kelp thallus, Dioscorea root, hop cones, zinc oxide, socket artichoke, Inositol, L – carnitine, extract Garcinia cambogia, extract pineapple, hoodia Gordon extract, vitamin B5, magnesium sulfate, vitamin B1, B6, folic acid (BC), chromium picolinate.

One pill provides:
- Vitamins: B1, 2.2 mg; B5 – 5.0 mg; B6 – 1.6 mg; Sun – 0.2 mg.
- Inositol – 14mg; L – carnitine – 14my.
- Minerals: Zn – 18мг; Mg – 5 mg; chromium picolinate 0,033 mg.

Dosage/Application: 2 tablets 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Treatment-and-prophylactic course of 8-12 weeks, repeat if necessary.

Original name: Heron-Vit Hoodia aktyv, 90 tablets of Danikafarm-Greenset.

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